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11/22/63 by Stephen King

In 11/22/63, Jake Epping is a divorced English teacher in Maine who is shown a secret time portal in the back of a local diner. The owner of the diner, who has used the portal but is now dying, tells Jake that entering the portal will always take him back to the same day in 1958, and when he returns, only two minutes of present time will have elapsed. He asks Jake to return to the past to stop the Kennedy assassination. Jake uses the portal to right some wrongs in the past, and then returns to the Dallas area, falls in love, and starts shadowing the movements of Lee Harvey Oswald. Stephen King's novel has received positive reviews with the New York Times saying, "The pages of 11/22/63 fly by, filled with immediacy, pathos and suspense. It takes great brazenness to go anywhere near this subject matter. But it takes great skill to make this story even remotely credible. Mr. King makes it all look easy, which is surely his book’s fanciest trick."
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Stephen King
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