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2666 by Roberto Bolano

2666 was intended to be five linked novels released a year apart, but after author Roberto Balano's death, his heirs have released it as one long novel. It is set in the northern Mexico city of Santa Teresa, a thinly veiled substitute for Ciudad Juarez where over 400 women and girls have been murdered with impunity in the last fifteen years. In Part 1, four European scholars make plans to come the Santa Teresa because they heard that reclusive and mysterious author Benno von Archimboldi was seen there. Part 2 has an Archimboldi expert there fearing for the safety of his daughter. Part 3 has an African American journalist coming to Santa Teresa to cover a prize fight and gets entangled in the murders. Part 4 covers the police reports of the murdered women. Part 5 finally introduces Archimboldi and how his life is linked to the murders. 2666 has received glowing reviews with Pop Matters saying, "The attention paid by Bolano to the voiceless victims of 2666 reveals the novel to be at its core a stridently moral work. And for all the intellectual depth, dazzling range, and grand, fully-realized ambition on display in the book, it is ultimately Bolano's adamant compassion for his characters that makes 2666 so deeply involving and compelling."
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Winner of the 2008 National Book Critics Circle prize for fiction

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Roberto Bolano
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