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The 37th Hour by Jodi Compton

In The 37th Hour, Sarah Pribek is a Sheriff's Detective in Minnesota who specializes in missing persons cases. Her husband of two months, Michael Shiloh, is a Minneapolis cop who leaves for FBI training in Quantico, Virginia. He never arrives in Quantico, and due to a department shortage of personnel, Sarah must investigate her own husband's disappearance. By this time, the crucial 36-hour period for finding a missing person has passed. Her investigation leads back to his childhood home in Utah, and the more of his past she uncovers, the more she realizes she doesn't know her husband. Jodi Compton's debut novel has received high praise with the Denver Post saying, "The 37th Hour is often dark and mysterious (in plot and tone) and always exciting. It's a well-written piece of crime fiction that signals the debut of a world-class mystery writer."
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Jodi Compton
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