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72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell

72 Hour Hold refers to the amount of time a psychiatric facility can hold an adult patient against their will afer a violent episode. Bebe Moore Campbell's novel revolves around a mother, Keri Whitmore, a successful African-American shop owner and single mother in Los Angeles, and her attractive and intelligent daughter, Trina. Trina suffers from bipolar disorder, and once she turns 18 and ready to attend Brown University, drugs and alcohol exacerbate her problem. Keri struggles with her daughter's emotional swings and multiple 72-hour holds in the hospital when she finally gives on the traditional mental health system. She finds a mental health intervention group that operates like the Underground Railroad, moving house to house across the country as they force Trina to learn to stay on her medication and in therapy. 72 Hour Hold has received positive reviews with the Chicago Sun-Times saying, " I expected Campbell's subject to be too dark to read more than a couple of chapters in a sitting. But the novel is as fast-paced as its title implies. And at no point did Campbell become preachy. She let her commanding storytelling pull me in, and she kept me riveted during this timely tale of a mother's roller coaster ride to hell and back."
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Bebe Moore Campbell
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