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All Fishermen Are Liars by Linda Greenlaw

All Fishermen Are Liars is Linda Greenlaw's third nonfiction book, and this time, instead of just telling her stories at sea, she shares stories of others' sea adventures. Greenlaw met her best friend and mentor, Alden, for lunch and drinks at the Dry Dock Bar. They recount their own sea fishing stories, and soon other patrons join them with their tales. The stories include brushes with dangerous weather and death to clueless and luckless crew mates. Greenlaw also includes "bar snacks" between the stories, little vignettes or top-ten lists. She also explains why lying is so widespread among fishermen so as not to share valuable information with other competitors. All Fishermen Are Liars has received mostly positive reviews with the Miami Herald saying, "You can't help but be a bit in awe of Greenlaw for her gutsiness, and she comes across as so darn likable you wish you were sitting at the Dry Dock with her."
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Linda Greenlaw
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