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America America by Ethan Canin

America America is narrated by Corey Sifter, looking back 30 years later on the events that began to unfold when he was a teenager. He was the son of a working class family in the upstate New York town of Saline when he began working on the Metarey estate. They were a wealthy and powerful family who took Corey in a like a son, paid for his private boarding school and let him court one of their daughters. Liam Metarey, the family patriarch, used his money and power to get Henry Bonwiller elected to the U.S. Senate and in 1972, he decided he wanted him to be president. Corey became a campaign aide for Bonwiller, seduced by the money and power himself. When another campaign aide, a woman who was allegedly having an affair with Bonwiller, turns up dead, events begin to spiral out of control. Ethan Canin's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "America America is a timely, engaging novel about power and influence in the land of opportunity. In Canin's adept hands, the tale makes for a lively summer read against a backdrop of true political meanderings that, we can only hope, never escalates to the tragedy and intensity of Canin's Saline, N.Y."
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Ethan Canin
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