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American Gunfight: The Plot to Kill Harry Truman by Stephen Hunter and John Bainbridge

In 1950, President Harry Truman was temporarily living in the Blair House in Washington, DC while the While House was undergoing reservations. Secret Service protection at the time was not as thorough and extensive as it is today. In American Gunfight, authors Stephen Hunter and John Bainbridge re-create the day when Puerto Rican nationalists Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola attempted to assassinate the president, resulting in a 38-second gunfight. American Gunfight tells the story from several different viewpoints, including the US actions in Puerto Rico which drove the assassins to their plight, and it's received positive reviews. The Rocky Mountain News says, "But what really makes American Gunfight a great read is how the authors breathe life into the story's participants, and that lifts the book from an account of an attempted assassination to a story about what motivated Collazo and Torresola to try to kill Truman and the skill and courage of the Secret Service agents who thwarted them."
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