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American Sucker by David Denby

In American Sucker, David Denby, film critic for The New Yorker, chronicles his descent into financial madness. In 2000, he separated from his wife and decided to buy her share of their Manhattan apartment, but to do so he would need to raise $1 million. Liquidating most of his assets, he plunges headlong into the stock market and becomes obsessed with it. He watches all the financial news, reads reports, attends conferences, and becomes an acquaintance of Henry Blodget and Sam Waksal. When the market bubble bursts, he stays in the market expecting a rebound, and loses almost all of his investment. Blodget and Waksal go from being geniuses to being disgraced. American Sucker has received more positive than negative reviews, with the Portland Oregonian saying, "Starkly, elegantly written and full of brutal honesty . . . American Sucker is a surprising page turner."

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David Denby
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