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An American Spy by Olen Steinhauer

An American Spy is Olen Steinhauer's third Milo Weaver novel, where Milo is a "tourist," one of a group of black-ops CIA assassins. Milo wants a domestic life with his family, but he keeps being pulled back into the spy business. This time, it's due to an attack on the CIA tourists by Chinese spymaster Xin Zhu. Milo is one of the few to survive that attack, and his friend and boss, Alan Drummond, wants Milo's help to seek out Zhu and exact their revenge. Drummond disappears, as does Milo's wife and daughter, and Milo may have to work for Zhu to guarantee their safety. Milo is back in the spy game, with the knowledge that he, as well as Zhu, is just a pawn in a game run by governments who consider him expendable. Olen Steinhauer's novel has received positive reviews with the Los Angeles Times saying, "By the end of An American Spy, there is a tantalizing hint that those left standing will live to spy another day. This reader certainly hopes so, as will many who succumb to the seduction of Steinhauer's irresistible masterwork of love, guilt and revenge."
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Olen Steinhauer
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