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Angelica by Arthur Phillips

Angelica is the only daughter of Joseph and Constance Barton is 1880s London. Her birth nearly killed her mother, and after a series of miscarriages, she's told to avoid future pregnancies. Joseph eventually bans 4-year old Constance from their bedroom, forcing her to sleep in her own room, and claims his husbandly privileges from Constance. She reacts by withdrawing to Angelica's room, sleeping fitfully in a chair there, obsessed by the thought of evil spirits attacking her daughter. When Angelica suffers wounds that mimic the injuries Constance either dreamt or hallucinated happening to her, Constance summons a spiritualist to the house to drive the ghosts away. The events are told four times by the same narrator from four different perspectives (Angelica, Constance, Joseph, and the spiritualist), reflecting each of their fears, mistruths, and misunderstandings. Arthur Phillips' novel has received positive reviews with BookPage saying, "Erudite, dazzling and full of ambiguity, Angelica is not to be missed."
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Arthur Phillips
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