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Anja the Liar by Thomas Moran

Anja the Liar tells the story of three people forever scarred and changed by World War II. At a displaced persons camp where men and women negotiate marriages of convenience, Anja, a Polish woman turned Nazi informer during the war agrees to marry Walter, an engineer and former German officer during the war. They agree not to speak of their war-time experiences, and settle down to life on a farm in Italy. Slowly affection grows between them and a they have a daughter. The day they bring their daughter home, Mila is waiting for them. She was a beautiful and mysterious woman who fought alongside Walter in Yugoslavia, and the longtime object of his desire. She also knows the secrets that could destroy him. Anja, in an attempt to save her husband, must resort to the lies and subterfuge she learned during the war. Thomas Moran's Anja the Liar has received many positive reviews with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel saying, "Anja the Liar is a profound book that could not be more relevant in a world where wars are still started with the laughable pretense that someday they will be over."
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New York Times review by Michael Pye
Thomas Moran
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