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The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker

The Anthologist is narrated by Paul Chowder, a middle-aged, semi-successful poet. He loves poetry that rhymes, even though he writes his poems in free verse. He's having a difficult time. His long-time girlfriend has left him and he can't write the introduction to his new anthology of poetry that rhymes. He meanders through his life, ruminating on the effect of poets and poetry on his life. His observations of life and poetry provide insights that are often lost on him. Nicholson Baker's novel has received positive reviews with The Scotsman saying, "The Anthologist purports to be a novel but reads more like a monologue; it has some aspects of the diary and the memoir, but also the riches we'd expect of a critical book. Whatever name we decide to bestow on it, we can know that using beautiful words to tell a story about a life, anthologised, Baker manages to produce a feast for the senses, mind and soul."
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Nicholson Baker
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