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The Appeal by John Grisham

The Appeal is set in Bowmore, Mississippi where Krane Chemical Co. has been dumping toxic waste into their water supply, causing a huge spike in cancer cases. A husband-and-wife legal team takes the company to court and after months of litigation, the win an award of 41 million dollars. The chemical company is owned by Carl Trudeau who swears to never pay a dime of the award. Instead, he knows the state Supreme Court will decide the appeal and it looks like a close decision there, so he sets out to recruit his own Supreme Court justice. He handpicks a man to be his candidate in the upcoming judicial election and sets his sights on one of the court's liberal female judges. He intends to buy the reversal of the court judgment. John Grisham's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Boston Globe saying, "The Appeal is an entertaining page-turner that, by showing readers a perversion of the system, yearns for justice. Who knew that the mega-best-selling Grisham wanted to be a moralist, a sort of Old Testament prophet fulminating against our sins? In The Appeal, he pulls that off beautifully."
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John Grisham
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