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Arcadia by Lauren Groff

Arcadia tells the story of a boy nicknamed Bit. At the age of four, he lived in a hippie commune in upstate New York called Arcadia. Like most communes, reality trumped dreams of utopia, but Bit remembered his life among squalor as a happy time. When he was 14, his parents abandoned the dream and left the commune. As an adult, Bit has married a woman who was a childhood friend at Arcadia, but she has abandoned him and their young daughter. Years later, his parents have built a cabin on the grounds of what had been Arcadia, and Bit returns to his boyhood home while a pandemic strikes around the globe. Lauren Groff's novel has received positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "Groff's miracle is to record the death of the fantasy but then show how the residue of affection can persist and, given the right soil, sprout again. Arcadia wends a harrowing path back to a fragile, lovely place you can believe in."
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Lauren Groff
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