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The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

With The Assault on Reason, Al Gore sets his sights on the Bush administration and its tendency to filter, contort, and deny the truth. He argues that the power of reason, based on the democratic spread of information so that the public can form their own opinions and decisions, is being stifled by the control of electronic media in just a few corporate hands. With this background, the Bush administration manipulated facts that have taken the country to war based on incorrect information and used its power to stifle opposing perspectives. It's also undermined citizens' basic rights in its attempts to control information and secure its hold on power. The Assault on Reason has received mixed reviews with the Los Angeles Times saying, "At a time when we are learning that political responses tend to be more emotional than rational, as he surely understands, his stubborn faith that we will someday return to reason is touching."
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Boston Globe review by Jim Sleeper

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Al Gore
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