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The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith's The Autograph Man tells the story of Alex-Li Tandem, a half-Jewish, half-Chinese, celebrity-obsessed young man living in a London suburb. He's a collector of autographs and has been obsessively seeking one from Kitty Alexander, a reclusive 1950s actress. Despite a best friend and a beautiful girlfriend for companionship, Alex is hung up on himself and what he doesn't have. A romp through themes of fame, mixed cultures, friends, family, and pining for what we can't have while ignoring the assets we do, The Autograph Man is a book that at times has received rave reviews and at other times has received complaints that it's not as captivating as her highly acclaimed first novel. says of Zadie Smith, "What did we do to deserve a young novelist this brilliant, this generous, this alive here among what often look like the dying embers of the form?"
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Zadie Smith
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