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Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon

Await Your Reply follows three different storylines, with each revolving around someone isolated from life. The novel begins with Ryan rushing to the hospital with a severed hand. Ryan had discovered he was adopted, then disappears and hooks up with a man who claims to be his real father. Together they run identity scams on the internet. Lucy is an orphan who runs away with a history teacher after she graduates from high school. He has her assume a new identity and they drive to a run-down motel next to a dry reservoir in Nebraska. Miles travels to the Arctic to look for his twin brother Hayden, who has spent a lifetime drifting from place to place amid a series of lies and fake identities. Eventually, all their stories come together. Dan Chaon's novel has received positive reviews with the New York Times saying, "So Mr. Chaon succeeds in both creating suspense and making it pay off, but Await Your Reply also does something even better. Like the finest of his storytelling heroes, Mr. Chaon manages to bridge the gap between literary and pulp fiction with a clever, insinuating book equally satisfying to fans of either genre."
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Dan Chaon
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