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The Beatles by Bob Spitz

Bob Spitz spent a decade researching The Beatles and his original manuscript ran into the thousands of pages. His attempt was to create a detailed biography of the Fab Four, from their first meetings in downtrodden Liverpool in the 1950s through their meteoric rise through pop culture and history. He attempts to capture their personalities, how they meshed and how they clashed, and the moments that were quantum leaps in their careers. Bob Spitz also digs into the details about how certain songs and albums were recorded, and the changes brought by The Beatles and their producers to the entertainment industry. The Beatles has received positive reviews with the Christian Science Monitor saying, "This book reminds us - in generous detail - that the Fab Four were just people. Not gods, saints, or shamans. We like our idols to be perfect. These men clearly were not. But in the end, the music they made came awfully close."
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Bob Spitz
Bob Spitz
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