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Best Friends by Thomas Berger

Sam and Roy have been best friends since prep school, but after 20 years, their friendship seems propelled more by momentum than by shared interests. Sam is obese, shiftless, always broke, and relies on his banker wife, Kristin, for everything. Roy is single, athletic, a collector of fine cars, and a ladies man. When Sam has heart attack and the woman Roy has been dating dies, Kristin takes Roy to lunch to comfort him and to ask him to stop lending Sam money. Roy suddenly finds Kristin desirable and sets in motion an affair with his best friend's wife. Thomas Berger's latest novel tackles the themes of friendship, love, loyalty, and relationships. says of this novel, "Best Friends may not be a novel of penetrating insights, but it does offer crisp pacing and some juicy narrative surprises that will keep readers guessing about the fate of its central triangle."
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Thomas Berger
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