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Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe by Simon Singh

In Big Bang, Simon Singh tells the history of science and astronomy, and how each small piece of the scientific puzzle added to the general knowledge until scientists came to the understanding of the theory of the Big Bang. He moves from the ancient Greeks to the Renaissance scientists (Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo) to modern scientists (Einstein, Hoyle, Wilson). It's not just a chronological tale of astrophysics, but an exploration of the scientists and scientific methods that brings the humanity to hard science. Aided by illustrations and diagrams, Singh attempts to make science and scientists explainable to the lay person so that we all understand our world a little better. Big Bang has received mostly positive reviews with the Scientific American saying, "Singh spins out the drama with verve and wit. We meet scientists who are shy and retiring and others with a flair for contention, epic discoveries made serendipitously and beautiful theories shot down by intractable facts, a pooch named Kepler and a persistent pigeon that made its home in the Bell Labs telescope. This is a perfect book for anyone who wants to know what science is all about."
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Simon Singh
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