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The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde

In The Big Over Easy, the "Nursery Crime Division" of the Reading Police Force must investigate the untimely death of this novel's fall guy, Humpty Dumpty. Humpty was a bad egg, and Detective Inspector Jack Spratt and Sergeant Mary Mary must determine if it was an accident, murder, or suicide. Was it Wee Willie Winkie, or old Mrs. Hubbard, or maybe Giorgio Porgio? How is the beanstalk involved? Jasper Fforde is back with the beginning of a new series to compliment that pun-filled and offbeat humor of his Tuesday next series. The Big Over Easy has received mostly positive reviews with The Observer saying, "But I love it. The Big Over Easy is great not just because it's very funny (albeit with some excruciating puns) but also because it works properly as a whodunit. Although I was wrong to say Spratt is untroubled. As a conflation of three nursery rhyme Jacks, he has several 'issues' to deal with, including the need for a fat-free diet and a strong compulsion to kill giants. Comic genius."
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Jasper Fforde
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