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The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, who was discovered as a football prodigy while in high school. At a time when NFL teams learned the importance of a large and strong left tackle to protect the quarterback's blind side, Michael Oher gathered attention for his size and strength as a Memphis teenager who might be a future NFL left tackle. He was the son of a crack-addicted mother and a murdered father, he was incredibly shy, and his high school grade point average was 0.6. He was basically a homeless black teenager with a bleak future except for his athletic talent. Sean Tuohy is a self-made white millionaire who had a daughter in Oher's class, and he had helped out impoverished black students in the past. He and his wife took an interest in Oher, providing him food and clothing, and eventually having him move into their home as one of their family. Michael Lewis explores Michael Oher's story (Oher is now a sophomore at Ole Miss) and how the kindness and caring of a family has turned his bleak future into a promising one. The Blind Side has received mostly positive reviews with the Raleigh News & Observer saying, "In light of such details, it becomes clear in the end that the true Blind Side Lewis has been chronicling -- and his book attains majesty in doing so -- is not that which exists in a game played on a 120- by 53.5-yard field, but rather that which exists in the nation at large. By including such a raw, unfiltered look at race and poverty in a surefire best-seller about football, Lewis has written one of the most effective books yet by an American writer on 'America's most intractable social problem.'"
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Michael Lewis
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