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Blinding Light by Paul Theroux

In Blinding Light, Slade Steadman is a 50-year old one-hit wonder. Twenty years earlier, he'd written his only book, Trespassing about his travel days sneaking across borders without a passport. It was a huge hit and spawned TV and travel gear licensing success, but he wants to write a novel. He travels to Ecuador with his girlfriend for inspiration, spotting other travelers with his book or travel gear. In a remote village he samples a drug that makes him temporarily blind, but grants him insight and telepathy into other people's minds. Steadman is overwhelmed by it and takes a supply back to Martha's Vineyard with him. He writes his new novel under the constant influence of this drug, about sexual experimentation without morals, acting out the book's scenes with his girlfriend. His novel is a hit, but Steadman may have made a Faustian deal that will come back to haunt him. Paul Theroux's novel has received mixed reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "Still, expect no overriding moral lesson in Blinding Light. Instead, there is one last, eye-opening journey that any intrepid travel writer would gladly make."
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Paul Theroux
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