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Boomsday by Christopher Buckley

Boomsday is set in the near future when the Baby Boomers retire, incurring a huge load on the federal budget. 27-year old Cassandra Devine is fed up paying the extra taxes, and angry at her aged father for personal issues, so she writes in her blog that the government should provide tax breaks and free vacations to retirees who agree to commit suicide when they turn 75. It's a controversial idea that spawns riots, demonstrations (the Boomers take to their golf courses), and attracts the attention of politicians who want to use the idea for personal gain. Congressman Randy Jepperson figures it can lead him to the White House. Her idea becomes mangled and altered as everyone seeks to use it to their own advantage, and Washington D.C. is in its usual tizzy of hubris, arrogance, and self-congratulation. Christopher Buckley's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the New York Times saying, "this satire combines the serious and the ridiculous with dead-on aplomb."
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Christopher Buckley
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