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The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky by Ken Dornstein

On December 21, 1988, David Dorstein boarded Pan Am flight 103 in London. 38 minutes later, a terrorist bomb blew it apart over Lockerbie, Scotland. In The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky, Ken Dorstein tells of the crippling loss of his older brother, who was an aspiring writer with a girlfriend in Israel. A college student at the time, Ken finds the best way to deal with his grief is to retrace the steps of his brother's life. He finds out all he can about flight 103, even going so far to meet the Scottish policeman who found his brother's body. He poured through his brother's writing journals, uncovered his brother's past, and fell for David's first girlfriend. It was a painful journey, not just to discover his brother's place in the world, but to find his own too. The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "While Ken Dornstein could not save his brother from the doomed flight, he has given David's romantic dream of posthumous literary fame the breath of life, and redeemed their relationship through the immortality of prose. As the memorial of a bright, engaging personality, this book has surely achieved its mission."
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Ken Dornstein
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