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Breakout by Richard Stark

Donald Westlake uses his Richard Stark alias for his anti-hero Parker series. Parker is an all-around bad guy, crafty, ruthless, and always ready for his next crime. In Breakout, he finds himself in prison after a previous heist has gone bad. Not only does Parker plan to breakout of the "inescapable" prison, but he's planning his next big score as well. In typical noir thriller fashion, very little goes right with twists and turns, double-crosses and triple-crosses, and surprises to liven the life of a bad man who will never go good. If you don't mind occasionally rooting for the criminal, jump right into what the Detroit Free Press describes as "the thrill of the forbidden, the fierce ingenuity of the planning, the ticking clock, and finally the rooting for the underdog."
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Richard Stark
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