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From a Buick 8 by Stephen King

From a Buick 8 tells the story of an old Buick Roadmaster that resides in a shed at a Pennsylvania State Trooper post, abandoned by a mysterious man in black back in 1979. It belches light and what appear to be life forms from another dimension emerge from the trunk from time to time before dying a quick death. The car's secrets are guarded by a cadre of troopers for no other reason than they can't explain them to anybody. When Ned Wilcox's father is killed in a car accident, the other troopers take him under their wing and console him by telling him the stories about the old Buick. Stephen King's story weaves back and forth across time, and as the troopers try to explain the mysteries of the old car to the boy, they're also talking about the mysteries of life. From a Buick 8 is not your typical Stephen King horror novel and probably not his best work, but most Stephen King fans will probably find it an enjoyable read.
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Stephen King
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