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The Canal House by Mark Lee

Nicky Bettencourt is a photojournalist whose travels through the horror spots of the world have left him emotionally numb. He is paired with foreign correspondent Daniel McFarland on an assignment to find a guerilla group in Uganda who have taken tourists hostage. At a refugee camp in Uganda, they meet Dr. Julia Cadell, who is being funded by an English financier who is now also her lover. Daniel and Julia ultimately fall in love and spend a few weeks ensconced in a house above a canal in London, knowing they both must return to their livelihoods in remote corners of the third world. The Canal House is more than just a love story, but a journey with grizzled veterans of misery and hope through a world the rest of just catch glimpses of on the television news. Author Mark Lee is a foreign correspondent whose own experiences bring reality to the settings and characters. The Canal House has received glowing reviews. The Denver Post says, "The result is a story presented in prose so fine it nearly sings, peopled by characters who burn themselves into your mind and heart."
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Mark Lee
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