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Caribou Island by David Vann

Caribou Island is set in remote Alaska where Gary and Irene are a middle-aged couple with grown children. Irene's retirement as a schoolteacher spurs Gary to decide they must build a cabin on Caribou Island. It's an endeavor without a plan, specifications, or even an optimal time of year for building. It's really Gary's obsession and it drives a further wedge into their already strained relationship. Irene develops unexplained and seemingly incurable headaches, torn between the choice of life with her dominating husband or a lonely one by herself. As the cabin dream turns into a nightmare, they both realize something has got to give. David Vann's debut novel has received positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "The oncoming train wreck in Caribou Island is unmistakable, but one hopes against hope that it is avoidable. Vann isn't delivering happy endings, but he is delivering life in crystalline, unforgettable prose."
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David Vann
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