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Carry Me Down by M J Hyland

In Carry Me Down, John Egan is an 11-year old boy in rural Ireland during the 1970s. He's overly tall for his age and his voice has already deepened. His life is utterly mundane, but he longs to be special in some way so that he can make it into his favorite book, The Guinness Book of World Records. His discovers his gift, a physical reaction when he's told a lie. Unfortunately, finding people lying to him is easy as his family life begins to unravel. His father's infidelities and his mother's breakdowns begin to take their physical and mental toll on him. While he can detect the lies, he cannot fathom the reasons why they're told. M J Hyland's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the London Times saying, "In beautifully detailed and understated prose, Hyland's meditation on the nature of falsehood uncovers precious truths at every turn."
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M J Hyland
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