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Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Case Histories revolve around three family tragedies: a disappearance of a young girl, a man sees his daughter murdered, and a wife takes an axe to her husband. More than a decade later, private detective Jackson Brodie gets involved investigating some aspect of all three cases. As he delves further into each one, he uncovers family secrets perhaps left behind unopened doors. Brodie must deal with his own family troubles while discovering the actions and violence that tears others asunder. Kate Atkinson's novel has received mostly positive reviews. The New Zealand Herald says, "Although Case Histories feels almost like a detective novel, it's more than that. Not every case is solved neatly by the end, but Atkinson does present an entertaining tale - sometimes shocking, sometimes laughable - of how our lives intertwine and actions reverberate."
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Kate Atkinson
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