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Cell by Stephen King

Cell begins with Clayton Riddell, an artist from Maine, in Boston on business. A pulse is sent through the cell phone network so that anyone on the phone at the time is turned into a maniacal zombie who attack everyone else, other zombies included. The resulting mayhem forces family members to kill each other and civilization unravels. Clay and a few others struggle to get out of the city. As he heads home to his family in Maine, signs point to the pulse emanating from his home state. Instead of heading toward safety, he may be heading into peril. Stephen King's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Seattle Times saying, "With its atmosphere of dread, its underlying sarcasm about those enslaved to technology, and its finely rendered scenes of horrific violence and human compassion, Cell is another milestone for King and one of the first novels - genre or otherwise - to truly capture the tenor, at least so far, of the 21st century."
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Stephen King
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