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Champlain's Dream by David Hackett Fischer

With Champlain's Dream, historian David Hackett Fischer reconstructs what little is known of Samuel de Champlain's life and his vision for New France in North America. Not only was he an explorer, cartographer, and soldier, but he was also the administrator of the French settlement. His efforts included befriending Indian tribes (which angered those tribes' enemies) and trying to keep the peace. While he was tolerant of Protestants within New France, he also imposed an autocratic rule keeping tight rein over the settlers. Champlain's Dream has received mostly positive reviews with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying, "Champlain's Dream is an important addition to the debate over the European settlement of the Americas, and an inspiring and bittersweet 'what if' in the history of colonial subjugation and exploitation."
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David Hackett Fischer
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