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The Chase by Candida Clark

The Chase is set in February, 2005, the first weekend of the fox-hunting ban. Sir Leo Domeyne and his wife, Celia, are hosting the hunt at Eastleigh, and it will be attended mostly by old friends and family. Yet within this group, suspicions and jealousy lurks. Leo believes Celia is having an affair with an old friend, who also believes his wife is having an affair. Family secrets, romance and sexual trysts threaten to unfold. Also attending the hunt is Lance Ash, a backbencher who helped get the hunting ban passed. He's trying to win back the affections of his own wife. Then there are the "terrier-men" who pay scarce attention to the law. Across these cultural and sexual divides, the final hunt will take place. Candida Clark's novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Telegraph saying "The Chase is arguably the better of the two novels [A House of Light], but they're worth reading together (Clark's prose is so addictive that once you've read one of her books, you want to go back and read all the others), as they represent the height of Clark's literary achievement to date."
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