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Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith

In Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith, Joe Roper is a graduate student who has come from a modest background to become a Shakespeare scholar through a love of the bard's work. While sifting through Shakespeare memorablia one day, most of it forgeries, he comes across a letter signed by Shakespeare stating that he didn't write his famous plays. Joe does the obvious tests to prove it's a fake, but it appears authentic. He shows it to Posy Gould, a PhD student at Harvard and daughter of a wealthy and priveleged family. She convinces him to fly off to London with her, at her daddy's expense, to find out the truth about the letter. While Joe urgently wants to believe that Shakespeare, from common origins like himself, really wrote the plays, Posy believes that they were written by an Oxford aristocrat. It's a mystery and an adventure to find out the truth, and where even making a claim it is true could cost Joe his standing in the academic community. Receiving praise from most reviewers, the Boston Globe calls Chasing Shakespeares "a smart, sexy modern-day mystery."
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Sarah Smith
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