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Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem

Chronic City is set in Manhattan a few decades in the future. It's a bizarre city where the truth is elusive. Chase Insteadman leads a shallow life living off the residuals from when he was child actor in a sitcom and attending Manhattan parties. His current claim to fame is that he's engaged to a famous astronaut now trapped in space. He meets Perkus Tooth, who was once a famous culture critic. Now Perkus is obsessed with getting high and exposing the fakery abundant in the city. Whether Perkus is mad or a messenger of the truth, he draws Chase into his world. Aided by Oona Laszlo, a ghostwriter, and Richard Abneg, an angry lackey for the corrupt mayor, Perkus and Chase seek to uncover the answers to mysteries that haunt their lives. Jonathan Lethem's novel has received mixed reviews with BookPage saying, "In many ways, this psychological and sociological investigation makes Chronic City Lethem's most stimulating book yet. That said, it is long and meandering—occasionally more fun to think about than to actually slough through. Fortunately, Lethem is a stellar writer, and his prose electrifies. Moreover, the sheer ambition and scope of this new novel is exciting and innovative."
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Jonathan Lethem
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