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Churchill's Triumph by Michael Dobbs

Churchill's Triumph is Michael Dobbs' fourth novel about Winston Churchill, and it's set at the Yalta Conference in February, 1945. Stalin has insisted on holding the conference on his own soil, and was planning to force both Churchill and Roosevelt into concessions while he never intended to live up to his side of the agreements. Roosevelt arrived exhausted and dying, looking to set his place in history with the United Nations. Churchill arrived knowing he'd gone to war to save Poland from the Germans and aware that he was losing it again to the Russians. Among this trio, Dobbs inserts the fictional character Marian Nowak, a former member of the Polish aristocracy and cavalry. Nowak impersonates a plumber to gain access to British headquarters and befriends Frank Sawyers, Churchill's valet. He tries to persuade Churchill to save his country again, as his own hometown is being pillaged by both the retreating Germans and the advancing Russians. Churchill's Triumph has received positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "Churchill's Triumph is a thinking man's bestseller; not many of those."
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Michael Dobbs
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