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The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With the President by Taylor Branch

The Clinton Tapes are based on Taylor Branch's tapes of remembered conversations he had with Bill Clinton while he was President. Clinton and Branch would meet regularly so that Branch could record Clinton's reflections on everything from policy to world leaders to the press and any other subject that would arise. At times they were interviews, other times it was Clinton musing about ideas or tossing out his own questions. The result is a President with his guard down, showing his private side to a man he trusts. The Clinton Tapes has received mixed reviews with the New York Times saying, "The Bill Clinton who emerges here is a master practitioner of an art that is routinely derided - foolishly - these days: he's an unabashed, unapologetic politician. To the extent that Branch's portrait of the president rescues politics from ignominy, he has done a real public service; that he has done this while vividly portraying an exuberant American original is cause for joy."
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