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The Closed Circle by Jonathan Coe

The Closed Circle is a sequel to Jonathan Coe's The Rotters' Club, moving from the 1970s in the earlier novel to the dawn of the new millenium in the The Closed Circle. No longer teenagers, many of the characters struggle with the sadness, responsibilities, and dilemmas of adulthood. At the center of the novel is Paul Trotter, changing from a young Tory to a Labour MP. Although married, he lusts for his media adviser, Malvina, and he votes for the Iraq war even though he's convinced it's a mistake. Paul's struggles with morality in many aspects of his life mirrors a country dealing with similar issues. Jonathan Coe's novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Telegraph saying, "The social convulsions of the Seventies, the global upheavals of the new millennium and the fragility of human attachment are invoked as Coe probes - painfully, comically, expertly - the enigmatic connections made by individuals and societies between public conviction and private inclination."
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Jonathan Coe
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