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The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War by David Halberstam

The Coldest Winter is the late David Halberstam's final book, finished just before he died in an automobile accident. In it, he brings to life the political and military forces that formed the Korean War, and the personalities - Mao, Stalin, MacArthur, and Truman - that wrangled over the future direction of Asia. From the invasion by North Korean troops in 1950 that overrun almost the entire peninsula, to the U.N. troops retaking the south and forcing a stalemate at the 38th parallel, the war killed hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of Koreans. General MacArthur's huge victory at Inchon was eventually undone by his wish to engage the Chinese and then feeding misinformation to President Truman to bolster his own views on how the war should be fought. The Coldest Winter has received positive reviews with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette saying, "Into its 650-plus pages, he appears to have poured all he had learned about East-West politics and conflicts in nearly five decades of reporting, research and writing. It is possibly the best one-volume history of the conflict yet."
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David Halberstam
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