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Columbine by Dave Cullen

With Columbine, Denver writer Dave Cullen does an exhaustive analysis of what really happened at Columbine high school in 1999, and in the process, he discovers that a lot of what we thought we knew was really erroneous. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold weren't bullied goths seeking revenge on jocks. They were actually fairly popular and did their own fair share of bullying. Harris, a psychopath, wanted to stage a crime of epic proportions and blow up the school. Klebold, depressed and suicidal, went along with his buddy's plan. They were driven by a hatred of the world and a self-absorption that provided rationalization for their acts. Even though their propane bomb never exploded, they stalked the hallways of their school and still caused the deadliest day ever at an American high school. Columbine has received positive reviews with BookPage saying, "As full and as fascinating as it is, Columbine is a deeply unsettling book because it confirms our worst fear: that evil can arise without apparent cause and strike without provocation."
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Dave Cullen
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