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The Cradle by Patrick Somerville

In The Cradle, Matthew Bishop is sent on a mission by his pregnant wife, Marissa, to find the cradle she was rocked in as a baby. The cradle disappeared when her mother abandoned the family years before. Matt assumes he can track it down in less than a day, but instead he finds himself on a multi-state odyssey and he uncovers Marissa's family's secrets. Along the way, Matt also uncovers the story of his own abandonment by his own mother. The quest for the cradle becomes a search for answers that will prepare Matt for own future as a father. Patrick Somerville's debut novel has received positive reviews with the New York Times saying, "The Cradle has enough drama to fill 700 pages. But Somerville focuses solely on life's catalysts - those unpredictable catastrophes, coincidences and revelations that suddenly bring our pasts into focus, destabilize our presents and make our futures appear random and chaotic. As a writer, I'm still wondering how Somerville created this exquisitely complex story on such a small canvas. As a reader, I'm glad he did."
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Patrick Somerville
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