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Cruisers by Craig Nova

Cruisers refers to the cars Vermont state trooper Russell Boyd drives every night to catch speeders and watch for anything amiss. He comes home each morning to Zofia, but the stress of his job keeps him distant from her. Frank Kohler lives alone in the woods and is driven by anger from the memory of his murdered mother. He decides that love will save him, but since he's too socially inept to court a woman, he orders a mail-order bride from Russia. She, however, arrives with her own agenda. Boyd and Kohler cross paths three times in Craig Nova's novel, leading to a collision course of good and evil, prey and predator. Cruisers has received mostly positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "Cruisers is a work of literary noir that delves deeply into what Faulkner called 'the human heart in conflict with itself,' exposing its dark secrets to the light of day."
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Craig Nova
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