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Dark Voyage by Alan Furst

In Dark Voyage, Captain Eric DeHaan commands the Dutch merchant vessel Noordendam in April, 1941. By this time over 1500 Allied merchant ships have been sunk at sea and DeHaan is persuaded to conduct secret missions for British Intelligence. The Noordendam is disguised to look like a neutral Spanish vessel as it makes its dark voyages under the cover of night hoping its conceals its true identity and mission from Nazi planes and submarines. DeHaan also knows that part of his duty is to rescue and transport refugees, an act which might have placed a spy on his own ship. Alan Furst is the master of World War II espionage thrillers, bringing lifelike characters drawn inexorably into a conflict they wish they could avoid. Dark Voyage has received glowing reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "The irresistible combination of DeHaan, the wartime lore of the sea, and the masterly way that Furst creates suspense, whether in battle or in ports of call, is a real victory."
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Alan Furst
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