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Dave Barry's Money Secrets by Dave Barry

If you've ever read Dave Barry's columns or books, then you can probably guess what you'd find in Dave Barry's Money Secrets. Written in the style of the self-help books he's satirizing, Dave Barry gives you all the financial advice you'll ever need and explains how finances and government works. Or not. If you've ever wanted to know why it is not a good idea to use squirrels for money, or how to keep your kids out of expensive colleges, or how to make money in the stock market (think time travel) or the real estate market (don't buy or sell any). Dave Barry's Money Secrets is full of typical Dave Barry humor and has received positive reviews. The New York Times says, "He delivers, however, a hoot-filled volume loaded with 'sure-fire, can't-miss, no-nonsense, common-sense, easy-to-apply, on-the-money hyphenated phrases.' And he is on-the-money about more than hyphens when he plays this game."
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