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Death of a Murderer by Rupert Thomson

The murderer in Death of a Murderer is Myra Hindley, although she's never mentioned by name. She has died in prison and policeman Billy Tyler has been given the assignment of guarding her corpse the night before she's to be cremated. Billy's wife, Sue, wants him to refuse the assignment, wary of him spending the night in the presence of something so evil. Billy's life feels empty, suffering emotional distance from his wife and his daughter who suffers from Down's Syndrome. In the middle of the night, he's visited by Myra's ghost, and her questions force him to face his own shortcomings in life. Rupert Thomson's novel has received positive reviews with The Independent saying, "A complex, multi-layered novel, Death of a Murderer contains some beautiful writing, occasional poetry, and an aching sense of the vulnerability of those we love. It's an ambitious and brave book, a hopelessly doomed wrestle with the impenetrable."
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