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The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr by Ken Gormley

In The Death of American Virtue, Ken Gormley reconstructs the battle between Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr. Using his own interviews and never-before-released documents, he details not just the political scandal, but the behind-the-scenes players willing to keep it alive at all costs. Ultimately, none of the major players involved comes out looking vindicated or able to take the high moral ground. It was one of the first skirmishes of polarization between the political parties which persists to this day. The Death of American Virtue has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "The investigation may have been crazed, but in Bill Clinton it found its perfect target. The results since then have been a revved-up politics of personal destruction and the diversion of resources from the legitimate defense of the country in favor of moralistic posturing. The book's title, The Death of American Virtue, may be overblown, but it's hard to find any evidence of virtue in these pages, unless it's the author's diligence and hard work in getting the story straight and telling it well."
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Ken Gormley
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