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Death of an Ordinary Man by Glen Duncan

The deceased person in Death of an Ordinary Man is Nathan Clark, and he has discovered there is an afterlife. He knows that he's died and that he's a spectre at his own funeral, but his memory is blurred and he doesn't even know how he died. He also finds that he can catch fragments of others' thoughts, including his wife's, and that he can visit parts of his past. In doing so, he must patch together the story of his life and what happened to him, encountering those dark facts he'd prefer to not know or never knew to begin with. It's a necessary task, though, if he's to find peace in death. Glen Duncan's novel has received much praise with the Independent saying, "You find yourself turning the pages of Death of an Ordinary Man not because of any particular narrative urgency but because of the sheer force of his imagination. At the same time, his prose style is one in which an axiomatic acuity finds its way into the most high-flown and daring flights of conceptual fancy. What he is doing is wonderful, extraordinarily dark, and yes, important."
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Glen Duncan
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