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Derailed by James Siegel

In Derailed by James Siegel, Charles Schine is a New York businessman who meets a sexy woman on a train and ends up in a seedy hotel room with her. While there, he's beaten and she is raped by a man who also robs them. The robber then begins to blackmail Schine so that his wife and family don't find out about his infidelity with the woman. This drives Schine from his humdrum life into a world of fraud, betrayal, and murder. USA Today says, "Derailed is tautly written and cleverly plotted, with plenty of roller-coaster turns that nicely contrast the blandness of suburban life with the dark underworld that Charles has entered."
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USA Today review by Joseph Barbato review by Hilary Williamson

New York Times review by Janet Maslin review by Kate Ayers

James Siegel
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