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Diary by Chuck Palahniuk

Diary is told in the form of a "coma diary" supposedly written by Misty Tracy Wilmot, whose husband, Peter, lies in a coma after a suicide attempt. Misty was a trailer-park girl who met Peter in art school and came to his home on Waytansea Island, filled with old aristocratic families and overrun with tourists. Before his suicide attempt, Peter has been remodeling houses, and left behind dire warnings and threats in walled-off rooms. Misty becomes trapped in a hotel room on the island by her overbearing mother-in-law and churns out paintings that she never sees again, as if Misty is possessed by the spirits of the island's famous female artist from the 19th century. Is she part of something bigger than she can comprehend? Diary has received mixed reviews, probably along the lines with the reviewers who like Palahniuk's style or not. CNN says, "Palahniuk constructs his story as precisely as a stage magician's grand illusion, building to a powerful climax that leaves the audience stunned and breathless. Diary triumphantly exposes the evil that lurks in the banality of everyday life."
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Chuck Palahniuk
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